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We believe that the future of our planet can be much better developing a green oriented society. On this basis we carry on the aim of contributing effectively to the development of the Renewable Energy Source sector. We’ve started in Italy and we’re going on expanding our competence and reached experience all over Europe, all over the world, seizing the opportunities offered by the new incentive policies.

Eng. Simone Foti – CEO Myenergy

Myenergy is an Italian company, set up in 2006 by a group of engineers with proven experience.Our goal is to enhance the use of energy, to protect the environment and, as a natural consequence, to improve people’s lifestyle.

In a green perspective, the company provides energy solutions through renewable energy sources for the public, retailers, industrial and public service customers.

Our electrical and management engineers have a sophisticated experience in design, consulting and, subsequently, configure customized solutions with attention to the result. That’s why they are our main protagonists in the whole process of design, installation and testing of renewable energy systems.

We verify the energy efficiency of buildings, provide maintenance service. Furthermore, our team is specialized in the distribution of high quality components for the photovoltaic sector.

You can count on Myenergy because it has the resources to:

Advanced Technical Skills

Our team works constantly on the research of innovative technologies, best material performances and it is always up to date on the incentive systems which reward the investor.

Financial Partners

Through whom we obtain the best terms for your financing in order to make your investment in the renewable energy sources easier and more affordable.

Wide Experience

Myenergy has participated in the evolution of the solar sector since the beginning. Now the Company features the advanced know-how and solid experience.

Reliability and Validity

We integrate the changes in the field of renewable energies, while it grows and develops new solutions. Our true guarantee of quality, reliability and transparency.

Politically Active

To lead politics towards a green world, through associations. We cooperate with selected partners and our network of agents and installers ensures presence and efficiency wherever it is requested.

International Presence

Our business have realized projects in Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Chile,   Sierra Leone and now, we come back to Malta.

Myenergy, with a strong know-how and many years of experience, develops innovative and sustainable projects, which permits its customers to maximize their savings, protecting environment and human health. 

malta solar panel

 In every aspect of its business Myenergy follows some main principles:

    • method and transparency
    • make the customer’s success our success,
    • delivering results
Solar panel malta green energy

Our team provides to the customer the opportunity to be independent from the electric grid, producing energy by  renewable energy sources system and, in other cases, improve the energy efficiency of their building.

As a leading EPC in the sector, Myenergy believes in a steady growth for the coming years thanks to the continued innovation and differentiation of its offer.

We are all part of an eco-system to respect and to protect for our own safety. We have at our disposal the means to live in the best way in a healthy environment, leaving to the next generations an aware “eco” lifestyle, in harmony with nature.

Myenergy has specialized in the renewable energy sector and now we provide ethic energy solutions and concrete savings to our customers.

Our company engine are ethical and environmental principles because we have chosen the solar light instead of the exhaustible fossil flue, we choose to be free of pollution and unpredictable electricity prices.

Thats our vision, and it makes sense.

The achievement for us and our customer will be:






Our history

The history of Myenergy is based on the human component of the company: heterogeneous know-how and differentiated skills, positive attitude, close-knit spirit and common values have made our winning team and have ensured a precious development to the company since 2006 till now.

Stablishment of Myenergy s.r.l.S

 Construction of first turnkey small sized photovoltaic plants.

Construction of first turnkey big sized photovoltaic plants over 100kW.

Construction of first pv plant of 1MW.

Increase of our capacity production up to 25MW of pv plants and 42 million turnover.

Stablishment of Myenergy Building Solutions s.r.l.
Company dedicated to Energy efficiency; doubled the staff in comparison with our staff in 2009.

Myenergy S.r.l. turns into Myenergy S.p.A.;
introduced the business units dedicated to Wind power systems to complete its offer of products and services; over 70 MW of turnkey solar PV plants installed as an EPC contractor; awarded contracts of operation & maintenance activities to support over 30 MW of pv plants.S.

Myenergy is replicating the EPC and O&M business model, implemented in the Italian market, in overseas markets.

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