A whole of opportunities with the new Government Grants

New Government Grants, new ways to save

In Malta, Solar Energy Schemes on Photovoltaic Panels are limited in supply. Because of that, is recommended to approfite the benefits while they last.

Those which apply for the current €2300 grant, will receive a feed in tariff of 16.5 cents/unit generated for a period of 6 years. Those who do not apply for the grant, instead, will receive a feed in tariff of 15.5 cents/unit generated for a period of 20 years.

Please note that the feed in tariff you receive depends on whether you have taken the grant or not.

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REWS Act and Subsidiary Legislation



Chapter 81Utilities and Services (regulation of Certain Works) Act
Chapter 244Swimming Pools (control) Act
Chapter 272Enemalta Act
Chapter 355Water Services Corporation Act
Chapter 381Bunkering Fuels Tax Act
Chapter 419Malta Standards Authority Act
Chapter 423Malta Resources Authority Act
Chapter 504Environment and Development Planning Act
Chapter 513Building Regulation Act
Chapter 521Sustainable Development Act
Chapter 549Environment Protection Act
Chapter 552Development Planning Act


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